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for a long time the drug called  Mephedrone was used by drug users as the ideal drug for getting the kicks they wanted. was used by drug users as the ideal drug for getting the kicks they wanted. The drug induced a feeling of happiness and euphoria and also relaxed you. This drug was used for both therapeutic use and also by people who just wanted to use it to stimulate their feelings. Mephedrone was the precursor of the 4-MEC or 4mec crystals.

The use of the drug reached such alarming proportions that it started making headlines. The government of different countries suddenly woke up to the fact that this drug may be creating problems in the society at large and soon proclaimed a ban on the sale of this drug.

This did not deter the dealers who lost huge amounts of money with the implementation of the ban. Soon they were selling the drug 4-MEG in the market as the replacement for the banned Mephedrone. The substitute drug is very similar to Mephedrone in its chemical composition. As it is also belongs to the cathinone family of chemicals it also induces the same effects as Mephedrone did. You can have the same feelings of euphoria and exhilaration when you use this drug. It will relax you in the same way that Mephedrone used to do.

The drug can be almost 98 percent pure depending on the manufacturer. As the drug is available in a powder form there are dealers who mix it with other drugs and then sell it. This reduces the percentage of purity and the resultant effect is also milder. To get a perfectly pure sample of the drug you should try to locate a dealer who has been recommended by someone else who has already been using the drug for some time now.

Along with the powder version the drug is also available in the pellet and tablet form. Many pharmaceutical companies have come out with the tablet form of the drug so that it can be taken orally. The powder version can be taken both orally when mixed with beverages which the user prefers to take regularly or can be insufflated through the nose. There are pharmaceutical companies who sell medicines having some percentage of this drug in them.

Procuring this drug through online means from dealers has some risks involved. Though you can get the drug delivered to your doorstep the quality of the drug may not be up to expectations. As always try to procure your sample from reputed companies only. Buying the drug from illegal sources than reputed companies may be easier but the drug procured from illegal sources may have other things mixed with it which may cause different kinds of physical problems after prolonged usage.

Discounts are available for the amount of the drug you order for at a single go. The drug can be purchased in pouches containing a small amount as small as 1g. You can order a consignment of 1 kg maximum beyond which no dealer will sell you the drug. The bigger is the amount you order for the bigger is the discount you get.


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