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FUB-AMB (also called methyl (1-(4-fluorobenzyl)-1H-indazole-3-carbonyl)-L-valinate, AMB -FUBINA, AMB-FUBINACA and MMB-FUBINACA) is a synthetic cannabinoid of the indazole family. Like many of that class of chemicals, it is a powerful CB-1 agonist.

Structurally, FUB-AMB is actually a methyl ester analog of closely related AB-FUBINACA. The different chemical designation of AMB-FUBINACA indicates that in this case the valine terminal amide groups is omitted and a methyl ester substituted for it. There is very little publicly available research on the physiological effects of the AMB-FUBINACA variant, so it should be treated with a great deal of caution.


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